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What Are Issue-Age-Rated Medigap Plans In Idaho?

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If you live in Idaho and are under age 65 and enrolled in Medicare, you can now access all of the Medigap plans offered to people who became eligible after reaching age 65. This is because all Idaho Medigap insurers are now required to offer their plans to disabled Medicare beneficiaries under age 65. 

Prior to this rule, people under age 65 could be turned down in Idaho due to their age.

With this new rule in place, Issue-Age-Rated Medigap policies come into place. These are policies that have their premiums decided based on how old you were at the time you purchased the policy. 

To learn more about Issue-Age-Rated Medigap plans in Elmore, Boise, Owyhee, Canyon, Ada, Gem, and Payette counties of Idaho, keep reading. 

What Does Issue-Age Rated Mean?

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Issue-Age-Rated or Entry Age-Rated means that the plan you are purchasing will have its price determined based on your age. This method measures the risk associated with people in certain age groups to project how likely they are to use their benefits. Premiums are typically lower for people who are younger, and in many cases, they won’t change as you get older. While premiums for Issue-Age Rated plans may rise due to inflation, you won’t have to worry about costs increasing as you get older. 

How To Find Issue-Age Rated Coverage

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If your goal is to purchase an Issue-Age-Rated Medigap plan, your best option is to seek the help of a licensed Medicare agent. They know how to find policies that are structured exactly how you want them. Even if that means comparing issue-age rated plans with community-rated plans. 

To learn more about the different types of Medigap coverage available, please reach out to Teton Medicare today. If you live in Elmore, Boise, Owyhee, Canyon, Ada, Gem, or Payette counties in Idaho, we can help you find coverage now. 

Give us a call to start collecting quotes with the help of an agent. 

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