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When and Why Should You Contact a Medicare Broker?


Casey: Well and people say, when should I call you? When should I reach out to you? And the simple answer is, is today. That doesn’t mean I’ll give you the example the gentleman reached out to this morning that’s in Wyoming. He’s not returning until April of next year. 

Lee: Right. 

Casey: He’s fully almost 11 months from being retired. And he’s going to keep his employer plan. He doesn’t need any help from Medicare. But he wanted to start now. And we’re like, great, we called it. And said let’s talk. It’s a year out. Let’s give you some advice. Where we have people once in a while they’ll call up and say, hey, listen, I’m retiring tomorrow. Uh well today’s the 30th of April. I’ve been 65 for a few years, and I’m eligible for Medicare. Okay, we gotta hustle. That’s okay. We’re here to help you.

So the answer to the question is when should you reach out to us is today. If you think it’s too late, don’t think that. If you think it’s too early, don’t think that. We will guide you and really help you to understand. Okay, here’s your next few steps. We’ll put you in our system to follow up with you. You can follow up with this when you feel comfortable. And we make it very simple. You want to text us. You want to email us. You want to call us. You want to go to our website and watch videos that we’ve done and have a FAQ’s page, or FAQ. You can do that too. We make it simple.

Lee: Yep.

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