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What Is Teton Medicare?


Local News 8: Thank you, Jeff, it is now 6:42. We turn now to a new segment of our show live on eight with Teton Medicare, and join us this morning from Teton Medicare. Lee Wilson, Lee, thank you so much for getting up early to join us. First of all, tell us a little bit about Teton Medicare and what services do you offer?

Lee Wilson: So Teton Medicare is an independent broker, which means we don’t work for any one particular company. We’re contracted with multiple companies, but we work for our clients at no cost to our clients to help them fully understand all of their options. So we help them with Medicare. Of course, we’ve been doing that for almost 15 years, but we also help a lot of people with under 65 health insurance, as well as different life insurance options as well. So we really want to make sure as people are getting into Medicare, we want to get it right the first time. That’s kind of our bread and butter that we’re known for.

Local News 8: So why is it important to use an independent broker like Teton Medicare?

Lee Wilson: Again, we want people to know all of their options. You can call some random 800 number or listen to a paid celebrity that says they know about Medicare. But when it comes down to it, you want to know locally what all of your options are being unbiased as much as possible. And that’s exactly what we do. Frankly, we don’t necessarily care what policy our clients are on. We just want happy clients. So if it’s this policy or that policy, if it works for you, that’s what we want. Happy clients stay with us for a long time and send us their friends and family. And that’s the best way to do business.

Local News 8: Now, one way to be happy is to get something for free. You mentioned it’s a no cost to your your clients. 

Lee Wilson: Correct. Yeah. So our services are at no cost. And people ask is how is that possible? How can that possibly be? Well, just like your auto insurance or homeowner’s insurance or other things, the agent or broker that helps you, we get paid by the insurance company and your premiums are the exact same, regardless of whether you do this all on your own and spend all those hours trying to figure it out, or you come and sit with us for a half hour. Either way, your cost of the exact same, so you may as well. In my very biased opinion, you may as well use an independent broker. It’s not going to cost you a penny to get all the expertise that you possibly can.

Local News 8: Now, as people approach Medicare, how early in the process should they come talk to you?

Lee Wilson: Great question. We say normally about six months before you’re either getting on Medicare or turning 65, and sometimes people will assume, hey, if I have group coverage they can stay on, I probably should for as long as possible. That is no longer accurate necessarily. So it’s always good six months before you’re turning 65 or getting on Medicare that you come and at least understand your options so that you can make a good, educated decision.

Local News 8: All right. Well, thank you so much for the info. We’ll see you next Tuesday for another live on 8 with Teton Medicare. Lee, Thank you so much for getting up early and joining us!

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