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What Insurance Should You Use As A Veteran?


Lee: I’m a veteran. What insurance should I use? 

Casey: You look like a veteran. 

Lee: I’ll take that as a compliment! 

Casey: Yeah that is a compliment. So fantastic question. And this is an area there’s just not enough knowledge out there. There’s not enough people that know that there are some fantastic plants that can help veterans. And I want to talk about there’s a couple of scenarios. Now, if I’m a veteran or I’m somebody who’s retired from the military after a lifetime career, I’m going to have something called Tricare for life. I’m so grateful that we give this to our veterans and people that served. They deserve it and so much more. But it is a fantastic plan and it’s going to cover most things. Now, that doesn’t mean we don’t have plans that can supplement that and give them additional benefits, which we do that quite often. But if you have somebody if you’re somebody who’s got Tricare for life, you’re most times in a great situation. Still come and talk to us. Let us kind of make you aware of some of the extra benefits that are out there for you, but you’re in a good situation. 

And if I’m the veteran and I served active duty for a few years but retired after just a couple of years, I probably am not going to have much benefit as far as health insurance. So there are some plans at work and there’s actually plans there, specifically made for people in that situation, they are going to give them unbelievable benefits at a very, very low cost and they’re going to work in the system. Now, here’s what’s great about people who are veterans. You have really two systems. You have the veterans system that you can go to, all the facilities the VA offers, all the benefits the VA offers, including prescription drug coverage. And then you’re going to have Medicare and either a Medicare Advantage plan, a supplement, or a prescription drug plan that works in conjunction. Separate. Excuse me, they work at the same time simultaneous. So you really have two systems to work in. But if you’re a veteran, no matter how much you served, if you’re active duty, if you’re a retiree or if you were, what’s the other one to lose my mind now? National Guard, right?  If those are those are people who should really come and talk to us because there is probably a situation that we can help you with. 

Lee: Yep, yep. Good answer. Couldn’t say that better myself.

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