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What Are Zero-Premium Medicare Plans?


Local News 8: It is now 6:44am, and we have Casey Peterson from Teton Medicare. Joining us in studio this morning to answer some Medicare questions for us. Now, first off, we hear about Medicare plans that are with zero premiums. They’re advertised as free. Sometimes we hear free and think it’s too good to be true. How can that be? 

Casey: Well, first of all, they exist. So there are zero premium plans. And based off of your needs, many, many people have chosen them. They’re fantastic plans. They’re going to cover for doctors and hospitals and prescriptions, help with eyeglasses and dental and a lot of the things that people want and people need. But you have to really do your due diligence. You have to really investigate them. Depending on where you live, depending on what doctors you see, what prescriptions you’re taking. There are a lot of factors that people need to look into. They need to understand what kind of co-pays there are. Let me give you an example, there are plans that have a zero premium and a zero cost when you go see your primary care doctor, but they may have a higher cost for your specialist co-pay. There are plans that have a zero premium that have a tremendous amount of dental insurance, but we need to make sure that your doctor takes that plan so they exist. What happens is a lot of people, they’re they’re watching TV or they’re seeing newscasts or they’re seeing, maybe something comes in the mail to them and they don’t do their investigating. They, they take a phone call from somebody who know, you know, they could be from Zimbabwe. You never know when some of those phone calls are coming from. And they don’t really do their due diligence to understand how the plan works. But when you understand how the plan works and you do the investigating, you can really, really get a great plan with great benefits. Keep your monthly premium in your pocket and spend that dollars when you want to. And so a lot of people have chosen them. 

Local News 8: So once you get to wade through all the details and kind of find what works for you, if you can find that at zero premium.

Casey: You bet you can get plans. And now they’re based off of where you live. So, you know, not every county in the state of Idaho has these plans. And that’s another thing that you really need to investigate. They’re in southeast Idaho, and our surrounding area. Those plans exist. But if you get into some of the more rural counties, they may not be where you live. And so when you see a TV commercial, or you see something come through the mail, or pop up on your phone, or if you’re on a social media page, you really need to get ahold of somebody that can help you walk you through it.

Local News 8: All right. Thank you so much for explaining that to us, Casey.

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