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Medicare Scam Calls


News Reporter 1: Today on live on eight, we have Casey Peterson from Teton Medicare. Thank you for being here. 

Casey: Thanks. 

News Reporter 2: Casey, I’ve seen you on television. 

Casey: You have. Yes.

News Reporter 2: Even at night. And how can people know if Medicare calls are the real deal? Casey: Yeah, it is,It is the number one question we get. I mean, hands down, we get calls every day, many times a day for people and the first thing I tell people, Medicare will never call you to sell you something. 

News Reporter 1: Okay.

Casey: You can go to Medicare.gov and look that question up. Does Medicare call me? And they will say it right in their website. They will never call you to sell something and they will never come to your home. 

News Reporter 1: So what are other things people need to know to protect themselves and their info? When and if they do get a call like this, what should they do? 

Casey: They’re getting calls. I have clients tell me they get 5 or 6 calls before noon. I mean, it is unbelievable. 

News Reporter 2: You’re kidding me. And they’re using numbers that you might recognize. Oh, they’re scamming you. 

Casey: Yeah. They’ll say Boise, Idaho, say Pocatello. And it’s not. It’s going to be somewhere else in the country or somewhere overseas. So the thing to tell people is, first of all, if they’re getting a phone call and the person’s trying to sell them something, hang up. Medicare will never do that. They might represent themselves as a Medicare representative. That’s not going to be the case if they’re trying to sell you something. Second, if they get something in the mail, if it has a bunch of fine print on the back of it, if it says not endorsed by the federal government, not endorsed by Medicare. Throw it in the garbage. 

News Reporter 2: And this is why you all are the experts, because you’re that funnel for people to get to where they need to go. 

Casey: Yeah.

News Reporter 2:  Because it’s hard to understand this. What will real Medicare companies ask for? 

Casey: So so what we would ask for is not their Medicare number. We don’t need their Medicare number when we’re talking about it over the phone. That’s not something we need. If someone says, hey, I need your Medicare number, I need your Social Security number. Absolutely hang up. Tell them: do not call me again. Take me off to call list and hang up. What we’ll talk to them about is what they need. Hey, talk to us about your doctors. Talk to us about your prescriptions. Talk to us about what kind of conditions do you have? Those are general information. You don’t have to even share that with us over the phone. We can do that when you come in to talk to us. But that’s the third piece of advice, is give us a call and say, hey, I’ve got this piece of literature. I saw this on TV. My friend said something, call us and ask us and we’ll answer the question. Well that might be legit. Let’s look into that. The other thing is a lot of these calls, a lot of these commercials, a lot of these ads that they get in the mail, say something about, I can give you money back. You have to qualify for that. And it’s a very small population in very specific situations that are going to qualify. Most people, that’s not true. But it’s a grab. It’s a hook. They see it and they oh, I’m going to get money. I better go do that. And then they call some phone number. They follow that shiny object and get put on a plan that is not for them. 

News Reporter 1: So it’s better to know before you make that call and if the contact the phone, hang up and call you guys. 

Casey: Give us a call. 

News Reporter 1: Where can they give you a call? 

Casey: We are on Medicare.gov is a great excuse me. Our website is TetonMedicare.com. Our local phone number is (208) 557-1234. 

News Reporter 2: It’s Teton, not Tetom. I’m not sure who Tom is. He’s probably a scammer. But Teton Medicare…

News Reporter 1: Like the mountains.

News Reporter 2:  Like the big hills that we show on TV. so make sure you talk to these guys. Teton Medicare, and you can answer questions about other things, too. 

Casey: Yes, sir. Yeah. That’s it. 

News Reporter 2: That’s it for the experts. Trust them because we have them on TV. 

News Reporter 1: That’s right, we do.We only have the best on TV. 

News Reporter 2: And whoever this T Tom guy is, 

News Reporter 1: Let’s let’s find him! We’re going to find him!

News Reporter 2:  If he’s if he’s got Dick and Harry with him, look out.

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