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Medicare Information for Working 65+ Year Olds


Local News 8: Thank You, Jeff, it is 6:42 and it is Tuesday. That means it’s time for our live on eight segment with Teton Medicare. And joining us this morning is co-founder Casey Peterson. Thanks for getting up early with us. We always appreciate it. And so I want to start with this. You know 65 that’s the traditional age for a lot of people for retirement. There’s quite a few people that work beyond that age of 65. So if you’re past 65 and still working, what do I need to know regarding Medicare? 

Casey Peterson: Great question Dylan, so: The first thing I tell you is to call us so, so many people, you know, try to make the decision by themselves, try to take the time to figure it out. Hear something on TV. See their neighbors, best friends, barbers, dog groomer, tell them this is what I should do, and then later regret that decision, or have given up hours and hours to to make that decision. So the first advice I have people is call us, we will walk you through it. And if you’re going to continue to work, a lot of times there’s things you don’t need to do. And so you might be overpaying for something you don’t need to be doing if you’re going to continue to work and stay covered by your employer’s plan. So give us a call. That’s the first piece of advice. 

Local News 8: All right. And tell us about the Medicare Advantage plan. What’s what’s that about 

Casey Peterson: super popular plans. And they become more and more popular over the years. And the reason for that is that people will find that those plans cover them for doctors, hospitals, prescriptions, dental, vision, hearing, a gym membership, a lot of the things that people want their coverage to look like, they want to have coverage for dental, they want to have coverage for eyeglasses and and hearing aids and and Medicare Advantage plans can do that. They’re going to cover all the things that Medicare requires. So your doctor’s visit, your specialist, your colonoscopy, all of those really important preventive exams are going to be covered by Medicare, are going to be covered by Medicare Advantage plan, but they’re going to wrap up all of that coverage for hospitals and doctors and prescriptions and dental in one plan. 

Local News 8: That sounds like a great thing to to to look into. Now, I’m kind of curious, too, about, you know, we talked about that 65 age again. if you plan on working past 65, when is a good time to to reach out to you guys? 

Casey Peterson: Great question. I tell people about six months. So if they’re if they’re going to continue to work past 65 and they’re 64, 64.5, give us a call. Let’s walk through an option. Because if you’re with a large group employer, maybe you have more than 20 or 50 employees and they’re all in the health insurance. You really don’t have to do anything if you’re going to continue to work and keep covered by their employer health plan. If you’re on a small company or you’re self-employed or or have a company that’s not for insurance, then there’s things you have to do or you’re going to be penalized. So give us a call six months. You can call us anytime. I mean, if you’re 55 and have questions, we’re happy to take those calls if you’re 80. But if you’re turning 65, you know, are going on Medicare within six months, give us a call 

Local News 8: when she hit the ground running. 

Casey Peterson: When you get you, we’ll get you. We’ll make sure you’re happy. 

Local News 8: All right. Thank you so much for joining us this morning. And, we look forward to having you, next week. Appreciate things. Thank you so much. We’ll be back.

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