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Does Medicare Cover Dental?


Lee: Does Medicare cover dental? 

Casey: No, in most cases. So like with most things in Medicare, there’s always these little caveats.

Lee: True.

Casey: You get that book that I also tell people to throw in the garbage and you look through it, or you go to Medicare.gov, which is a good resource, by the way, but kind of hard to navigate. Medicare.gov will tell you, there’s specific situations where there’s some dental and again, referencing what I said earlier, if I have jaw cancer and that’s when it comes up to my mind.

I’m sure there’s other situations and there’s something that needs to be reconstructed. There’s some there’s some work that has to be done. In that case, sometimes Medicare will cover some of those costs. But here’s what you’re going to find. They might cover to reconstruct the jaw. But if you have to have a bridge made or something like that. They may not cover that. 

Lee: Yeah.

Casey:  So in most cases definitely not preventative. Medicare does not cover preventive dental. And in most cases they’re not going to cover crowns, root canals, cavities that kind of stuff. Periodontal.

Lee:  Right. 

Casey: Most times. And you’ll notice that you and I both say this. We’ll say these little caveats, these little asterisks. Next to it, because there are situations, I’m sure the Medicare would say yes, but it’s vast majority is going to be no.

Lee: So how do you get dental?

Casey:  Fantastic. So there’s a few ways you can do it. The Medicare Advantage plans, many of them have great dental insurance that’s included. and when we say that they’re going to include it for very little cost, some plans, it’s minimal coverage, some plans, it’s pretty robust. 

Lee: Yeah. 

Casey: And what we do see and Lee and I’ll tell you this when you see that coming years that that included benefit is probably going to diminish a little bit in the coming years. And so that’s where the second option comes in. And that’s what we call a standalone dental plan. And we’ve got some fantastic insurance companies that will offer coverage. They typically run off of what we call a PPO chassis. That means that you can get coverage throughout your state. In most cases, you have to find dentist that take it. But they’re pretty robust list of providers at that dentist that take it. So a standalone dental plan is a really great option. And we even have people that are on a Medicare advantage plan that’s still add a standalone dental to it to supplement that coverage.

Lee:  To get even more.

Casey: Yeah to get even more. Or for an employer. So we’ll have people that say, hey, I am going to continue to work. I’m going to stay on my employer plan, but I need some extra dental now. Well, we can help you with that now. And that just sets you up in a better situation when it is time to go on Medicare.

Lee:  Love it, love it. Perfect.

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