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Do I Need To Unenroll From Medicare If I Go Back To Work?


Lee: Ask away. Brother.

Casey: Let’s pick a hard one.

Lee: Do it. 

Casey: Oh, can you disenroll in Medicare. If you go back to work at 65?

Lee:  You can if you want to. One, you know, so we’ve been helping do this for over a decade. And it used to be that if you could stay on employee coverage, group coverage, it’s the end all be all. So stay on for as long as you can. That is no longer the case. I would say 80% of the time, roughly when someone comes in and we say, let’s compare apples to apples, let’s look at your options. I’m not gonna make any assumptions. Let’s make sure this makes sense. We look at your plan from your group and exactly what it costs, what your deductible is, your max amount of pocket, your extra benefits, and compare that to some of the Medicare Advantage plans side by side. Now, about 80% of the time we’re seeing people say, oh, well, why would I stay on my group coverage if I can come on this Medicare plan, pay less, have a and sometimes no deductible at all, and better dental or whatever the case might be. So pretty common. Now the people are saying, well, even if I could go back, I probably wouldn’t. Why would I? Right. 

Casey: Yeah, I remember we had somebody had mail handlers or they’re on a, like a pipefitters. A union plan. 

Lee: Right.

Casey:  As soon as they walked in the door, they’re like, hey, you know, nice to meet you. We’ll be here when you retire, you know. What do you think about that. That’s not the case anymore. I mean I have people that work for a large hospital and you do too that are nurses or even physicians that are employees. They’re not taking their insurance from their employer. They’re coming to us and we’re helping them with the Medicare Advantage plan or supplement or something like that. They’re still working.

Lee:  Right. 

Casey: But they’re going they’re choosing to leave their Medicare or, excuse me, the group plan to come on Medicare because it is so much better for them. 

Lee: Yep. 

Casey: Yeah. It’s not that it’s the norm now 

Lee: For sure. So you can dis enroll for Medicare if it makes sense. But please don’t assume that it makes sense. Again, let us look at it and we’ll compare apples to apples and have, you know, you’re making at least an educated decision on that. But less and less. It’s becoming a realistic, you know, situation where you need to.

Casey: Well and all of our agents, one of the things I love about our office, we’ll shoot you straight.

Lee: Yep. 

Casey: I’ve had people refer their friends and family to me because I told them not to do something.

Lee:  Right. True. 

Casey: Like. Well, I thought I’d come here and you try to sell me somthing. Well, in your case, it’s better to stick with what you’ve got. Come and see me when it’s not. 

Lee: Yep. 

Casey: You know, and let’s check in every year or so. So yeah I agree with that. All right. 

Lee: Perfect.

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