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Clearing up the Confusion Around Medicare


Clearing Up the Confusion Around Medicare – 

Local News 8: All right. Thank you, Evan it’s 6:42 live on 8 this morning we’re pleased to be joined by the owner of a Teton Medicare, Lee Wilson. Thanks for getting up early with us this morning. Now, the one question that we wanted to ask you this morning is some people get confused about medical terminology. Sounds similar. So the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. Can you clear that up for us? 

Lee Wilson: Absolutely. Great question. So Medicaid is a state run benefit normally or eligibility for Medicaid is determined by your income. But you can be young. You can be old. Your income generally dictates whether or not you’re eligible for Medicaid. Where Medicare is a federal insurance program, most of you get a paycheck. You’re paying Medicare taxes every time you see that paycheck that’s going towards that Medicare, that federal health insurance that some day in 45 years from now, you’ll be eligible for it. so that’s a federal insurance program that everyone gets you. Sometimes you can get a little early if you’re on Social Security disability, but generally it’s at 65. 

Local News 8: All right. You’re too kind. It’s going to be much sooner than that for me, but I appreciate it. So, Medicare enrollment, is it automatic or kind of. How does that work? 

Lee Wilson: Great question for sure. So it can be automatic if you’re receiving Social Security benefit checks at the time you turn 65, then your Medicare enrollment is automatic. some people will put that off. if they’re going to excuse me, keep working past 65 the other time, it might be automatic is if you get someone’s on Social Security disability for two years, then Medicare understands they need that and they’re automatic rolled into that before 65. 

Local News 8: Now where does Teton Medicare come into the picture for this? 

Lee Wilson: Great question. So Teton Medicare. We want simply to educate our community as far as when it is appropriate to get on Medicare, what’s automatic, what’s not, what Medicare is and what it isn’t. there’s just so much noise and confusion around Medicare. We want to sit down with people and say, here’s really how this works, here’s how this impacts you, here’s what it costs you. And we like being the local agent, right? So your viewers right now, they trust you, Dylan, as a local expert, giving them local context, that’s exactly what we do at Teton Medicare. 

Local News 8: So when people come in, what, what can they expect? What do they need to know?

Lee Wilson: They can expect zero pressure from us. We really just want to educate. We have male agents, female agents, English, Spanish. We just want to go through with you to help you understand exactly what you’re eligible for, to help you get the most out of Medicare. We also want to make sure you can avoid all of the nonsense. There’s a lot of fraud. There’s a lot of misleading information out there. If we can avoid all that nonsense, keep it local and keep you on the right path, that’s really what we want to do. 

Local News 8: Yeah, it can be hard and intimidating to kind of figure out what exactly going on. 

Lee Wilson: Absolutely. 

Local News 8: All right. Lee, thank you so much for joining us. We look forward to to having you be with us. next Tuesday on Live on 8 All right. Coming up. Well, the madness of March is about to start, and you have the chance to win. If your bracket doesn’t get busted, we’ll tell you how you can play when we come back.

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