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Beware of Medicare’s Shiny Objects


Lee: While you’re coming up with another question. I also want to I was talking to someone this morning. I would advise that there’s a lot of shiny objects right now in the marketing that’s out there for for Medicare and health insurance. Shiny objects as far as these flex cards or, you know, grocery money or dental and whatnot. And there definitely is some value to that. So I understand that completely. The problem is sometimes get people get so focused on those shiny objects, they enroll in a plan for that, but then they realize, oh, shoot, my doctors don’t accept this plan.

Casey: One hundred percent.

Lee: Or this company is terrible at processing claims, or they deny a lot of claims, or they don’t get my prior authorization in a timely manner and whatnot. So I would advise them, if you need dental, again, talk to a qualified, experienced broker, whether it be dental or anything else, but don’t just see some commercial on TV or some mail piece that looks really official and think, oh, I want that. I’m going to call and change to that plan because you might be completely messing up your really important stuff. Well, if you’ve got a hip replacement scheduled for, you know, two months down the road or whatever, but you change your plan for an extra $500 in dental, we really just did a disservice to yourself. 

Casey: I’m sure you’ve had this. You’ve had clients that will come and say, well, I chose that plan because of the gym membership.

Lee: Right.

Casey: And I want to say, are you serious? Right? You made a decision off of probably one of well, it’s been proven in in the retirement years, medical costs can be the the most expensive part of your retirement. And I find people that make decisions off of their their gym membership, which I understand the value. 

Lee: Sure 

Casey: Don’t get me wrong. 

Lee: It’s great. 

Casey: I Understand the value of it.  And we have fantastic plans that have fantastic benefit. But if you’re making your decision off your gym membership or your $500 extra on dental, you probably didn’t get good advice. Right?

Lee: Yeah. So we try our hardest to focus really on overall member experience, right? We want awesome, an awesome network of doctors. Lots of choice for you as to where you can go and when you can go. And we want obviously claims to be paid right, just like you do. No one likes getting a letter saying your claim has been denied or delayed or whatever the case might be. Your prior authorization for that surgery or MRI never got approved or submitted or whatever else. So avoid all that. by again, working with local brokers that say, here’s who’s going to give you, based on your needs, the overall best package for the big stuff. And so those extras sprinkled in there too.

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