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3 Myths About Medicare 


Local News 8: It is now 6:43. Joining us this morning is Casey Peterson from Teton Medicare. Thanks for being with us again this morning. Today, I want to ask you about three common Medicare Advantage myths. And so just kind of set these straight, if you will. The first one is all Medicare Advantage plans are the same.

Casey Peterson: Yeah. We hear that people think because what they’ve seen on TV, what they’ve heard from their friends that that everything’s the same. And that’s not true. There are, you know, in our area up to 18 different plans available to people who are on Medicare. And so each plan, you know, has unique qualities about it. Each plan has things that might be a prescriptions covered on one where it’s not covered in another. So yeah, you really have to do your research. Let us get in and help you to to understand which plan might work best for you. 

Local News 8: There’s quite a variety, so there’s there’s one for you. All right. Well, the second myth that I wanted to ask about is this: I’ve heard people say, well, I have no coverage in an emergency outside where I live.

Casey Peterson: Yeah, that is a huge myth, You know, Medicare Advantage plans are required to have emergency room coverage. And if you’re out of country, out of state, you have emerged from coverage just as if you’re here. So that’s a walk in clinic. That’s an emergency room hospital stay in an emergency. So you are covered and in a matter of fact, they cover outside of the country. We have clients that go out of out of the country all the time and unfortunately run into those kind of emergencies. And they have coverage.

Local News 8: Gives you piece of mind whenever you go out somewhere. Well then the third one that I wanted to ask you about is, the list of doctors and hospitals I can see is limited. What do you say to that?

Casey Peterson: You know, that is a big myth. There are, especially in our area. What’s great is the plans that we represent that we’re going to help people with. They’re going to have coverage throughout the state of Idaho. And matter of fact, a lot of Medicare advantage plans we represent, have some of the big locations we want, like Huntsman Cancer Center are going to be in the network. We do want to make sure that they come in and let us look at the doctors that they’re using & providers they’re are seeing and make sure that we look at take a good, hard look at who they’re visiting, because that’s a big deal. We don’t want to separate someone from their doctor. We want to make sure that the plan that they choose, we help them with will take their doctor.

Local News 8: Excellent. Well, thank you for sorting that out for us. So tell us, where can people find you?

Casey Peterson: You know, Tetonmedicare.com is a great start. Of course, our team is always on the phone ready to help them. Well, not at 6:00 in the morning, but they’re there, and we’re happy to help. So, get on Teton medicare.com. And then we’ve got videos, we’ve got FAQ’s, we’ve got all kinds of things they can take a look at. All right. Casey, thank you so much for joining us. This morning. We appreciate it.

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