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What Happens When I Become Eligible for Medicare?

What Happens When I Become Eligible for Medicare?

Turning 65 soon? Teton Medicare is here to help. Whether you’re working or retired, we have plans that will help you with your individual needs. Call us today for a free consultation!


You know, a common question that we get is, “What happens if I’m becoming eligible for Medicare? I’m turning 65.” And we love this question, because this is where we can really jump in and help you.

There are all kinds of scenarios– maybe you’re still working. Maybe you have retired years ago. Maybe you’re not drawing Social Security benefits. We can help you walk through those scenarios.

Helping you with your specific needs, understanding your specific situation is what we do best. Give us a call, let us walk through what you need. What you need is different than maybe your spouse, or your brother, or your neighbor, and we can help you get through and understand your options.